Snoop Dogg compares Wendy Williams to Drag Queen RuPaul

Snoop Dogg posts wendy williams picture along with that of drag queen ru paul

Snoop Dogg Wendy Williams show.Snoop is not happy with the loud mouth talk show hostess Wendy.He shared this photo of Wendy Williams and drag transgender, RuPaul...because Wendy said on her show that Snoop said he doesn't have a will...and she advised him to plan for his demise by getting one, for the sake of his children...at least the ones we all know about!She was right in saying Snoop should get a will for the sake of his children.But when she had to go the other way saying things like at least the ones we know off,she was asking for trouble.She deserves the treatment she got from Snoop.How does she think Snoops wife and kids feel talking like that on air?
 Watch the video after the cut...

Snoop dogg not happy Wendy williams talked about his other children and will

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