Fans jump on Toke Makinwa's burnt Toes Picture from bleaching

Toke Makinwa attacked for her bleached toes

Toke Makinwa burnt bleached toes .So What? Why won't people give Toke a break?The poor girl took a picture and posted,the picture may i say is a beautiful one.Amazingly some people were able to zoom in on to her toes and see the burnt signs left by her having bleached her skin.Now the question i ask is this,who does a thing like that? Who zooms in so close to look at another person's toe to see she is bleaching them? Hahahaahahahahaha i tire for internet o.It was the same way they attacked Linda Ikeji for her dirty toes and hairy

Yes Toke Makinwa bleaches,but its her life abi? Suits her,as long as she doesn't harm herself and does it properly there is no problem.
Hmmm,if i ever get famous i better watch my feet and toes,lol...See comments of some fans below,can you call them fans though? lol
Toke Makiwa burnt toes from bleaching

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