Zakkay Azzay slammed online for posing with Dino Melaye Ferrari.

Zakkay Azzay poses with ferrari on instagram

Zakky Azzay posed with a Ferrari on social media trying to make people believe it was his car.But little did he bargain on the power of the internet.The Ferrari in fact belonged to his friend Dino Melaye.People had been surprised when he posed with the car with the tag Ferrari at last,wondering where he got money from since he had not had a hit in many years.Even Patrick Doyle called Zakkay out on social media for misleading and setting a
bad example for the youths.
Zakkay Ferrari

Some even suggested that the G Wagon he posed with sometime ago belonged to his friend Senator Dino Melaye as well.But i doubt that,cos i have seen pictures of the car many times at his home,but then again you never know.This is not the first time Zakky Azzay has been in the news.If you remember there was the controversy of him beating his wife which he denied.His wife left him and took the kids with him in what was a bitter separation.

senator dino melaye's ferrari that zakkay Azzay posed with

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