The truth about Tiwa Savage cheating with Don Jazzy,2 Face and Dr Sid.

The truth about Tiwa Savage cheating with Don Jazzy,2 Face and Dr Sid.

tiwa savage and don jazzy relationship

The Tiwa Savage cheating allegations after her marriage crash and collapse have totally divided the opinions of curious onlookers.Don Jazzy is one of those Tiwa is alleged to have cheated with according to her estranged husband Tunji Tee Billz Balogun.Now here is a different take entirely on one of the biggest scandals and scoop to hit the Nigerian entertainment industry in a long time.Read and see what you make of it...

Tiwa and the Don,simply making sweet music or too close for comfort?
The source revealed to RADAR.NG that Tiwa's relationship with Don Jazzy ended before her marriage to Teebillz and her affair with 2Face was a one-time thing which also happened a long time ago so Tunji bringing it up was a desperate need for points.
About the alleged affair with Dr Sid, the source said "Dr Sid ba wo? Maybe he was the one buying the condoms for Don Jazzy."

The source also brought in physical abuse to the list of accusations against TeeBillz ...
"Fact is, they both knew what they were getting into. He beat her up many times and she took it because they both had dirt on each other. I particularly was mad at Tiwa way before she even agreed to marry him. Heck, he was fraudulent way before his coming back to Nigeria. What ruined his relationship with Sauce Kid and co? His other baby mama nko? Go and ask. Ask the big boys in LA about Tee Billions and you will hear his gist. Bi-polar oshi wo? He is toxic, leave his mental issues out of it. Bringing a baby into the toxic relationship pissed off most of us."

dr sid and Don jazzy are both rumoured to have had a relationship with Tiwa savage and slept with her
Caught in between the Doctor and the Don...
Tiwa Savage who is the face of forte oil owned by Billionaire Femi Otedola was blackmailed by her husband about her alleged extra marital affairs.
"He accused her of sleeping with Otedola in the early months of her pregnancy. He slapped and locked her out when she was pregnant due to stories of the affair. She never told us if she indeed slept with the man but her husband kept hammering on it. Even if she did, why didn't he just walk? Let me answer that, he's broke and in debt and needs that Otedola money."

Read Tiwa Savage breaks down and denies cheating at this link.

The source also claimed that the ex couple both abused illegal substances
The source said:
"While Teebillz was blowing money on women, booze and coke, Tiwa was smoking fish. Abeg make she no lie. Yes, the guy get craze for head, but Tiwa sef mental."

Tiwa Savage and Tee Billz on their wedding day 2 years before their marriage crashed
Apparently the prayers were not enough to keep these two together.
I don't know what to make of all these personally,i think both parties made a huge mistake bringing this out in the open.Once you expose your personal life,all sorts of speculating takes place,people make up all sorts of stories and the public choose to believe what they want to.Sadly,they will always believe the part which harms both parties.
I wish Tiwa Savage and Tee Billz the best in future and hope they can put all these behind them quickly for their son's sake.
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