Weak Man and strong woman of just the power of a woman?

man woman and money
You better believe by tomorrow money his account will be a lot weaker,lol

This picture made me laugh so much.Is this a weak man and a strong woman? Or just one happy fool?How many men has lost it all due to a smile of a beautiful woman? How may men have lost their house family and future just because they could not say no to a pretty lady in a skirt passing by?This man will be withdrawing a lot more than he bargained for after the TLC he thought he was getting from this over friendly lady.See as she is carefully monitoring every digit in that account?See that very short pants she is wearing and how she drapes it over the unsuspecting happy fool?Hmmmmm... Till it is at the last zero,she will be the best friend to this poor dude,lol...Sorry ladies,i'm a lady to and i know not all of us are like this,but this particular lady is a damn digegr! And she has struck her own little gold mine!

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