Trendy Abeokuta Corporate Windshield cleaner is the new Olajumoke

Abeokuta windscreen cleaner.Things happen in Nigeria in trends.We like to jump on the band wagon.We have had Olajumoke the Bread seller and now its Abdulahi Olatoyan .If you remember,shortly after the Olajumoke affair,E Money gave a guy who sells recharge card a huge sum of
money,we have not heard of him since then.But Olajumoke at least is doing fine.

The corporate stylish windscreen cleaner dressed in a suit and bow tie was spotted in Abeokuta over the weekend cleaning car windows for a living.He has since gone viral and now Fashion Entrepreneur, Uche Nnaji has decided to do a TY Bello and jump on his case.
He has offered a Job at his fashion label to the dapper windscreen and car windows cleaner spotted in Abeokuta by Photographer, Daniel Sync.We have no idea what the job will be yet,but it will obviously have something to do with his brand.

The Abeokuta windshied cleaner impresses me,cos he has decided to make the best of his situation,but just as the Olajumoke case,lets not hope our youths will start settling for mediocrity and hope an Angel will find them.The goal is still to aim for excellence.Good luck to Abdulahi Olatoyan the corporate Abeokuta windshield cleaner.He will need it on his new impending journey.

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