Yemi Fawaz is a born again Deaconess but won't marry a poor man.

Yemi Fawaz interview says she cannot marry a poor man and she is new in Jesus Christ now

Yemi Fawaz or should i say Deaconess Yemi Fawaz which is her new moniker made me laugh so much in this interview. is an icon of modeling in West Africa.The new in Christ one time socialite says she cannot marry a poor man,but he has to be a free hearted man like she is,free hearted and God fearing but can't be poor in case she might need $5,000! Hahahahah,these people sure are funny. Yemi Fawaz pioneered professional modeling in Nigeria before she left for the U.S with her 11-year-old daughter, whom she had out of wedlock. She’s back to the country and recently had an interview
with Sunday Sun.
When asked about her marital life, Fawaz who is now an ordained Deaconess, said: “There was a rumour that I was married to a white billionaire, but I won’t marry out of Christ. If I don’t meet a born again Christian, I don’t think I will marry. Don’t forget that age doesn’t really count before God.
If I’m going to be married, the man must be a free-hearted man like me, who loves people, who is ready to use his money to help people. I give God all the glory that I have never been married and I have never been divorced. But now, I’m married to Jesus.
If the man comes, if he’s a good-hearted man, he must be rich too. At age 61 I can’t marry a poor man and I’m not a gold digger. I’ll tell him sweet­heart, can I have $5,000 and then he starts to ruffle through his pockets saying “No, I can’t afford that money”.
One time top Nigerian model and socialite Deaconess Yemi fawaz

A man can’t live off me. For me to marry a man and he’s living off me? No way. I’m not one of those women. The man will marry me. Not me to marry the man. But women of today they marry the man. That’s why women are not respected any longer.
I won’t marry a man. The man will marry me, you will marry me with your money and with your love. Before I had my baby, maybe Tobi wouldn’t have come. If God converted me the way He converted me now, I would not have had a baby out of wedlock.
But at that time, I was in the world, I didn’t know the difference. I was an unbeliever, I was a con­venient Christian in Africa where we have 2, 3 or 4, boyfriends at a time. If I was a Christian then, it couldn’t have happened.”

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