Henrietta Kosoko actor Jide Kosoko's wife is dead from Diabetes

Henrietta Kosoko actor Jide Kosoko's wife is dead from Diabetes

henrietta and jide kosoko
Henrietta Kosoko Dead.I find it so shocking and terribly sad to report that actress Henrietta Kosoko the wife of Jide Kosoko is dead! The actress died at the age of 53 from diabetes.She was said to have slumped in her home and rushed to hospital.She was pronounced dead at the hospital.She
only just celebrated her 53rd birthday last week.So sad.

This is part of the reason why we should all watch our weight and intake of what we eat.Diabetes has killed too many people in Nigeria and Africa.Our diet which is high in carbohydrate and starch does not help matters either.Henrietta Kosoko was said to have battled diabetes for a while.

The actress was involved in a serious car accident in Abeokuta last year which she said she was lucky to survive.She was hospitalized for 11 days.

She was married before she met her fellow actor and husband Jide Kosoko.The man she was married to was a Mr Olowu who she had a set of twins for.

henrietta kosoko wife of jide kosoko body at funeral

Henrietta Kosoko children

Henrietta Kosoko children
.The actress is blessed with a set of twins and a 16 year old,but we are not sure how many children exactly she has.
She was once reported to have parted ways with Jide Kosoko, a rumour she openly denied.

May her soul rest in peace.
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