Pablo Reyes Predictions for deaths of Prince,Ali,Kimbo Slice is Sick!

Pablo Reyes Predictions for deaths of Prince,Ali,Kimbo Slice is Sick!

Pablo Reyes facebook prediction about the death of Ali,Kimbo slice and donald trump as well as the orlando mass shooting

Pablo Reyes predictions.Have you seen Pablo Reyes Facebook predictions on Kimbo Slice?The death of Muhammed Ali?Donald Trump dying?The USA experiencing its worst mass shooting which refers to the Orlando Florida Pulse Nightclub shooting and Hilary Clinton becoming the first female President of America? Well,i think its pretty sick! All except that of Hilary which is harmless of course.How can anyone play pranks with the lives of people? People have died and you decide to play games for popularity or whatever the reasons might be?

Pablo Reyes Facebook.

One Facebook user has managed to fool over 60,000 people after he shared a status 

from December 2015 that ‘predicted’ (he said) 

the death of Prince, Muhammad Ali and Harambe the gorilla. 

Pablo Reyes’ Facebook status has received over 40,000 reactions from shocked users, 

many of whom are convinced the status is some sort of illuminati work.

Alongside ‘predicting’ some of 2016’s most heart-wrenching losses, which included ‘the 

worst mass shooting’, Pablo’s status also predicted 

the death of Donald Trump and the election of Hilary Clinton as the ‘first female president’.

With the predictions he alleges he made in 2015 so far having come true, Pablo has left 

many Facebook users on edge, even if many of 

them are not particularly worried about Donald Trump dying.

(Picture: Pablo Reyes/Facebook)

It turns out, however, that the whole thing was a hoax.And that is the part that really pisses 

me off!

Have we become so sad that the only thing we can think about in peoples moment of 

misery and pain is our won selfish needs and such a lack of compassion?The same thing 

happened when Prince died.I really think there should be a law that jails people like Pablo 

Reyes when they do something like this.It truly is disgusting!

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