President Buhari fought a civil war so Cannot be afraid of Niger Delta Avengers!

President buhari cancels trip to Ogoni land for the Niger delta oil spill clean up launching

I just love this take on President Buhari cancelling his trip to Niger Delta Ogoni land oil clean up launching supposedly because of the threat of the Niger Delta Avengers.
Referring to the Niger Delta Militants (avengers) as deranged, Senator Shehu Sani took to his Facebook page today to debunk reports that President Buhari cancelled his trip to Ogoniland out of fear of the threats made by the group.I absolutely agree with  senator
Shehu Sanni,when Buhari cancelled his trip to Lagos,there was no talk of him being afraid.I think the man is just feeling poorly and took a rest.Like Senator Shehu rightly said,a man who fought in the civil war could not be afraid of a bunch of men hiding in the forest.A man who has experienced darkness can have no fear of a shadow! Powerful words!

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