Syrian refugee in Germany returns 50,000 Euros he found in Wardrobe!

Syrian refugee in Germany returns 50,000 Euros he found in Wardrobe!

the 25 year old syrian refugee in germany Muhannad M who found and returned 50,000 euros

Syrian refugee in Germany finds 50,000 euros in his wardrobe and returns it to police.All i can say is wow to this guy,i'm sorry,i won't be returning that money,hahahahaha.

The Syrian refugee in Germany  has been hailed a "hero" after returning 50,000 euros (almost 19 million naira) and bank books he discovered hidden inside a second-hand wardrobe.Instead of keeping the money, he reported his findings to the police who are now
searching for the real owner of the cash

The 25-year-old man, who Germany's Bild newspaper identified as Muhannad M, fled to the country from Homs last year and had been trying to cheaply furnish his new home in Germany.

He found the stash of cash and five bank books inside a hidden compartment built underneath one of the shelves of the cupboard.

Mohammed points to where he found the money

The honest young man said he couldn't keep the cash because of his religious beliefs.

He said:

"I am Muslim. This money I could not keep to myself. Allah would never allow it, to finance your own interests with someone else's property." 
It is also nice for the media to see a positive and good side of Islam rather than the negative side that has become too familiar with news headlines.
Police are now trying to determine the rightful owner of the cash.

According to Bild, Muhammad is entitled to 4,500-euro reward, or 3 per cent of the return, once the owner is found. He may also keep the whole money if anyone doesn't come forward for it.
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