Tiger kills woman in Beijing China Drive through animal park.

Tiger kills woman in China.A woman has been tragically killed by a tiger over the weekend after jumping out of a car in a Beijing animal park in China while trying to save her daughter who had initially been dragged away by another tiger.At least one tiger mauled the women on Saturday at Badaling Wildlife World in a section that allows people to drive their own vehicles through a Siberian tiger enclosure, the Yanqing County government said in a written statement.Surveillance video that circulated widely online showed a woman exit a car, then walk to the other side of the vehicle, where she was attacked a few seconds later by a tiger. As the animal dragged her away,
her husband and mother jumped out in an attempt to rescue her.

The casualty could have been much more worse,because when you consider that a child,the husband of the woman dragged away and her mother all got out of the car trying to rescue the woman.But the patrol men at the park where lucky enough to have been seconds away from the scene of the incident.
They can be seen driving their patrol vehicle out of the side road almost immediately the tiger dragged the woman into the bush.Their actions definitely ensued that the casualties was not more than the single one recorded.
Sadly the tiger might have been put to death.The reports does not state at this time.The reason i say sadly is because,even though a terrible thing had happened,the tigers were really not to blame.They are wild animals in their own domain who had seen what looked like a fair prey them.

The tiger kills woman in Beijing news quickly went viral as it became a talking point all over the world.People on all social mediums showed their sadness at the woman losing her life so tragically,while many also called the woman stupid to have stepped out of her car in a clearly dangerous zone.
The woman left the car because of an argument with her husband, reported The Legal Evening News, based in Beijing. The Beijing News, also based in the Chinese capital, quoted a friend of the family who denied that the couple had been fighting.The woman who was first attacked was badly injured, and her mother, who left the car in an effort to save her daughter, was killed, The Beijing News reported. The woman’s husband was uninjured, as was their child, who remained in the vehicle, the newspaper said.
This is not the first time the Beijing park of this incident has been in the news. The park, near a famous section of the Great Wall in a county north of central Beijing,in March, saw an employee killed by an elephant. A security guard also who was unfortunate enough to step out of his patrol vehicle was killed by a tiger in 2014.
I think it is time they seriously think about the set up and security of the wildlife park.
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