Dwayne Johnson The Rock and Vin Diesel meet to quash beef!

Dwayne Johnson The Rock and Vin Diesel meet to quash beef!

Dwayne Johnson Vin Diesel altercation.Few days ago 'The rock' put up a post on Instagram where he slammed some of his Fast & Furious 8 male co-stars, labelling them as 'Candy Asses', but no one knew who he was referring to because he didn't mention names.

According to new reports from TMZ, the target of his wrath was co-star Vin Diesel. The

former wrestler is believed to have taken aim at his fellow action star because the pair reportedly clashed several times during filming of the upcoming eighth movie after falling out over decisions made by Vin in his extra role as producer.

The website also revealed the pair met for crisis talks on the set of the film in Atlanta yesterday in a bid to bury the hatchet after Dwayne shared the post below on Instagram alongside a video of a fight scene from the movie.

Dwayne's outburst came just a week and a half before filming ends, it is reported that almost the entire cast of the movie is angry at Rock for causing a stir with his post. The TMZ report also suggests the feud sparked by his online rant meant tensions were running high onset.

It is not yet known if the talks were successful and if they pair managed to put the feud behind them.

Other male stars in the movie include Scott Eastwood and Jason Statham.

Fast 8 is set to be released in UK cinemas on 14 April 2017.
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