Ex Footballer Dalian Atkinson dead after police tasered him with Stun gun

Ex Footballer Dalian Atkinson dead after police tasered him with Stun gun

Dalian Atkinson dead.This is very sad news and such a waste of life.Normally we accuse the police for untowards behaviour but i am not sure this time if the police can be really blamed for the death of Dalian Atkinson.
Reason why i said this is because Dalian was in a very threatening mood and even his own father was fearful,but maybe the police could have done better by making sure an ambulance was on its way since they knew they were going to
use the taser on the victim.
But they probably saw a big healthy athletic guy and thought a little tasering could not harm him.The lesson here is never to presume when a human life is involved.

The former Premier League footballer who died after being shot with a police stun gun had a weak heart, a relative has said.Dalian Atkinson, 48, fell to the ground like a "lead balloon" according to a witness after he was hit by the Taser at around 1.30am on Monday.Neighbours in the Trench area of Telford, Shropshire, said he was well known in the cul-de-sac where he was shot. It is believed his father lives there.People in the street said the retired footballer, who drives a Porsche, is thought to have previously spent an extended period of time in hospital.

The 48-year-old's nephew, Fabian Atkinson, said officers would not have used a stun gun if they had known his medical history.
Mr Atkinson said: "He had some health issues that he was trying to get through and that's why his heart was weak.
"When a Taser is deployed, as soon as a Taser is deployed, they need to automatically call an ambulance. How do they know the health of the guy or the girl that they are affecting?"
Mr Atkinson died 90 minutes after the officer's high voltage weapon was discharged, when he suffered a heart attack on the way to hospital.

Medics were unable to save him.
His former friend and team-mate Carlton Palmer said he had struggled after the end of his 16-year professional career.
As well has playing for Aston Villa. he scored dozens of goals for other teams including Ipswich Town, Sheffield Wednesday, Manchester City, Real Sociedad and Fenerbahce.
Palmer said: "It can be difficult for players when they finish and I know Dalian found it difficult.
"Footballers don't know anything else. Dalian would not have finished his career financially secure and he was scratching around doing stuff.
"When you finish as a footballer, all of a sudden at 34 or 35 you have no routine and no structure to your life, and that can be a major problem. It can be a very dangerous spiral and unfortunately that's what it was for Dalian."
A neighbour Paula Quinn told Sky News he appeared to be "almost staggering" in the street before he was shot.
She said: "I heard shouting and something smashing, which is what alerted me to look out of the window. I don't care what anybody has done, nobody deserves to die as a result of something like that."
The IPCC has launched an investigation into what happened. It is understood that neither of the two officers who initially attended wore a body camera.
An IPCC spokesman said: "Two police officers initially attended the address and whilst in contact with Mr Atkinson outside the property one of the officers discharged a Taser.
"Further police officers then arrived. Mr Atkinson became unwell and an ambulance was called. He was treated at the scene and taken to hospital where he was later pronounced dead.
"Since this morning IPCC investigators have been conducting house-to-house enquiries in the immediate area and gathering available information."
IPCC deputy chair, Rachel Cerfontyne, added: "Investigators have met Mr Atkinson's immediate family. My thoughts are with Mr Atkinson's family and friends, and all those affected, at this difficult time."

I guess i spoke too soon,just when i was thinking for once the police are not to blame for this particular incident,a revealing revelation surfaces.
A witness has claimed Dalian Atkinson was Tasered up to six times and was kicked repeatedly by police before he died.
A neighbour described seeing him being Tasered a number of times and kicked by police after "stumbling towards" officers at around 1.30am.
Paula Quinn said: "They were shouting and kicking so much all I could hear were the boots hitting him.
"And then the officer who released the Taser stepped back while the other officer still continued to kick.
"I could hear him shout to the other officer that was still kicking, 'Back off, back off, back off.'
"And then the officer with the Taser asked the gentleman to put his hands behind his back and did so probably two or three times and reactivated the Taser another four or five times after that. "
This has left me speechless,i really don't know what to say after this except this new revelation should be thoroughly investigated and if any officers were found to have acted wrongly,they should seriously be reprimanded and made to face the law. 
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