President Buhari bodyguards complain they were used and dumped after elections

President Buhari bodyguard.Some alleged bodyguards of President Buhari who served him during the buildup to the 2015 general election, have accused him of abandoning them immediately after he entered office on May 29th 2015. According to the former bodyguards, they put their lives on the line for him when he was not yet in office and so deserve to be
treated better, and not discarded the way they were.
Zuberu Idris who was the former Chief Security Officer to President Buhari for 12 years said he and his colleagues were shown the back door after the buildup to the 2015 general election 
"We were betrayed by our various leaders. After the change mantra, they brought their children from various places where they are scoring abroad to be given an appointment. Meanwhile those that made the sacrifice are left to wallow away in the wilderness"Usman Justice who was Former Security/Store officer to Buhari said

Another former bodyguard, Ola Balogun, said
"Eighty percent of those that are serving with Buhari today are those that I knew very well were against him, who wanted to lay so many allegations against Buhari" he said
Another former bodyguard, Kazim Abdullahi said
"Some of us that were attached to him, immediately were withdrawn and given advanced training for bodyguards. For God sake, what are we supposed to do with this training if we are the type that will cause training for Nigeria"
The Former bodyguards described their disengagement as a great injustice.
Watch the video below... 

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