NFF threaten to expose Samson Siasia's corruption and shady dealings

NFF threaten to expose Samson Siasia's corruption and shady dealings

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Should the headlines be Samson Siasia resigns from the dream team or quits the dream team?I am really not sure what is what cos there has been no official statement yet.But what i know is you really have to laugh at officials of the Nigerian Football Federation.If what is reported here is true,it will be the biggest joke of the century.Apparently an official of the NFF said they will expose Siasia and his shady dealings if he does not stop bad mouthing the NFF.
A top official of the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF), has threatened to expose Samson Siasia, if he continues to castigate the football house.They have some scoop on him they
So if they knew this all along,why appoint him and give him the job?Then they must be crooks too.We know they are anyway.
But that is not even the part i found the funniest.The funniest part is the official saying Siasia should have won Gold,so he has nothing to celebrate winning Bronze.This coming from a nation that won JUST ONE MEDAL at the whole Olympics.They won nothing at the last one.And suddenly the NFF thinks we should have won Gold?
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Siasia, who recently won bronze with Nigeria’s U-23 team at the 2016 Olympics, had said he is “done” working for Nigeria and will not take up another appointment because he doesn't want to die young.

The coach revealed he has not been contacted by any staff of the Sports Ministry or Nigeria Football Federation (NFF), since he arrived from the Games.

“My next step is that I am done with Nigeria for now,” Siasia told Vanguard.

“You can’t keep going to a place where they don’t appreciate you. It does not worth it. Sometimes it is not about the money but the approach.

“They seem not to appreciate the sacrifices. I know how much I have sacrificed since the team began camping two years ago. How can you keep going to people who don’t appreciate you?

“It does not make sense, so I am done for now. I have to go somewhere else where they will appreciate what I have done and what I can do and pay me the respect that I deserve.”

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In response, the unnamed official told
“We have endured Siasia’s excesses, he knows we have our own side of the story he is telling to the press. He shouldn’t forget that our recent spate of failure to qualify for the Africa Cup of Nations was started by him.

“He is an ingrate, we gave him the chance to relaunch himself with the U-23s but he showed us he is still the same person, we know how some players were selected both for the Super Eagles in the two games he handled and also for the U23s, he should just keep shut.

“We have facts to show he was involved in some dealings that led to our failures at tournaments; as a matter of fact, go and ask any board member, we received more petitions about Siasia than any other coach, he knows it.

“If he doesn’t keep shut, we will shame him and end his coaching career, a team that should have won gold, he selected players based on favoritism and he wants us to celebrate bronze with him; we are wiser than that.”
Meanwhile on the ongoing matter,the Youth and Sports Minister Barrister Solomon Dalung has appealed to the Nigeria Football Federation NFF to pay the U-23 National team's Coach Samson Siasia. The Minister gave the charge when Siasia paid him a visit Monday in his office in Abuja. Siasia visited with his wife Sandra to thank the Minister for his support to the Dream Team from Atlanta to Rio where they won Bronze in the football event of the Rio Olympics and to officially inform him that his contract with the NFF has ended.

Barrister Dalung directed the Secretary-General Dr Mohammed Sanusi who was also present to ensure that Siasia gets the arrears of his five month's salaries. "Please pay him his five months' salaries.
They said he has resigned but he just said that his contract expired after the Olympics.
His contract expired but you are owing him 5 months' salaries and you have gone to employ a foreign coach and will pay him in dollars. It means you don't like yourselves and nobody will sympathize with you. Please spare me the stress of talking about this salary issue or going to war with you on it. Please pay him and other coaches their outstanding salaries" Dalung said.
The Secretary-General of the Nigeria Football Federation Dr Sanusi however said that efforts were already being made to pay the coaches their salaries.
"We have held meetings and we are waiting for the money to drop. The money is already there in our account but we need to regularize the TSA procedures before we can claim the money. We are almost through with the process. Once that is concluded, we will pay them" Sanusi assured.

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