Tragedy for AIT presenter Gbenga Aruleba as daughter Rereloluwa dies at 13

Tragedy for AIT presenter Gbenga Aruleba as daughter Rereloluwa dies at 13

cause of gbenga aruleba daughter death

Gbenga Aruleba.This is such a terribly sad news.AIT Staff and presenter of 'Focus Nigeria', Gbenga Aruleba's daughter Rereloluwa died yesterday, August 28.
Rere, as her distraught father fondly calls her passed away from a cause of death unknown,just a few hours after her 13th birthday.

She turned 13 years on Saturday,  August 27th.
Gbenga and Rereoluwa became an internet sensation last year when photos of him blow

drying her hair surfaced online.
gbenga aruleba doing his daughter's hair

Gbenga's Facebook wall has been flooded with commiserations since he announced her death last yesterday.

Below is how broadcaster Lara Wise, who on Saturday reached out to Stella Oduah over the death her son, described the tragic event.

Dear friends,
At a few minutes past 4 am yesterday, I got a frantic call from my dear brother and friend, Gbenga Aruleba ...
..... Terrible...
Less than 7 hours after I reached out to Mrs Stella Oduah over the loss of her son, my friend called... Terrible... Terrible... Terrible...
And so began a long and torturous journey for the Arulebas. A journey I took four years ago....
Had to fly into lagos on the next available flight to be with the family.
I was very worried because, Rereloluwa shared an uncommon bond with her parents, especially her father. What some people will refer to as favourite child.
We called her his girlfriend. As far as we were concerned, Mummy Tobi is the older wife while 'Rerestic' was the second.
She it was who would call to ask if daddy had eaten.
She it was who always made Gbenga break out in uncontrolled laughter.
She would buzz her dad, he would call her back and she would go "daddy, did you flash me?" and Gbenga would burst out laughing, saying, '' Can you imagine Rere? ".
Rere would call her dad to report '' wife number one" that she wasn't given noodles.
Rere it was who would take over her dad's bed, displacing "wife number one" anytime her dad was around.
Gbenga called her his guardian Angel, and, oh she was
Overly playful.
Infectious smile
Deep laughter
Lover of babies
Active in Sunday school class
Rere was not an ordinary child... She was just 13 and she passed on a few hours after her 13th birthday.... She wasn't an ordinary child.

Friends, please help me pray for Gbenga Aruleba and his wife, Oluwatobi Aruleba, Oluwaju Aruleba, all the family, friends that were privileged the be a part of this ANGEL.
They are all in a terrible state, naturally, but God's Grace and Comfort are only available when and where needed... They are needed now.
Rest well Rerebaby.
Uncommon kids like you are not born all the time... You are rare. .. I was also privileged to birth, nurse and release one at 13 as well!!!!
Good night, Good girl.

May God Almighty still the hands of the death over our children..
Nobody deserves to go through this..

rereloluwa aruleba

gbenga aruleba family
They had a real closeness,father and daughter.This is so sad..May her soul rest in peace.

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