Listen to people attack Abike for exposing Cheating friend Jibike Basira(Pt 3,4,5,6,7)

So you must have all heard of the nasty fight between two friends,Jibike Basira Olaribigbe and her friend Basira.They are the two London based Nigerian women who washed their dirty linen in public and exposed all their dirty secrets.
In case you have been under the moon and you missed the gist,basically what happened was these two used to be friends.While they were friends,Basira confided in her friend Abike that the child she
had just given birth to was not that of her husband but another man.

Now the two friends have fallen out and Abike has decided to expose Jibike Basira's secret to the world on social media.
The fight has now turned nasty with some friends taken sides of the woman who had the bastard child.Some have been reigning curses on her in audio that you can listen to here.
The interesting thing is,Abike has not exactly stated why she is fighting with her friend and decided to expose her.All she keeps saying is she betrayed her.How ?Nobody knows.I am sure its another dirty secret between the two.

But the lesson for all out there especially women is this,if you don't want nobody to know anything about you,DON'T tell NOBODY.Simple.The second lesson is,DON'T give another man's child to another man.It is totally disgusting and one of the most despicable thing one can do.
You are destroying so many lives in the process and the truth will surely come out eventually.

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  1. If you can't keep your secret why expect another to keep it for you? Conscience is a good thing oh!!!
    Your companion or friend is a reflection of you.