Mr Steal Your Grandma Irvine Randle outed as Gay by ex Lover

Mr Steal Your Grandma Irvine Randle outed as Gay by ex Lover

So the haters finally got to Mr Steal Your Grandma and expose him as gay.Irvine Randle is the grandpa who took the internet by storm and became a star overnite with his good looks and young dress sense.
Now every time people see a guy dress extremely well and groomed,they tend to think he must be gay.This inevitably happened with Mr steal your grandma.He denied it and said he was strictly a ladies man,people talking were just jealous.
So imagine the shock when a few hours ago,an ex lover decided to expose Irvine by posting pictures of them together in bed and turning Irvine into Mr Steal your Grandpa?

The ex lover,a guy named Ahmad,” posted a Throwback Thursday collage of him and Irvin with
the caption: #tbt birthday week with the ex but pass is the pass #goodtimes.

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The pictures were pretty suggestive and some of them in bed as well.Photoshop?Who knows these days.

But Why do people do this?Why do people have to hate always and destroy good tthings?
This Ahmad guy or whatever he calls himself will once upon a time have told Irvine how much he loves and cares for him.They would have shared good times and great times together,so why do this to him out of jealousy,envy and hate?Why?Why?Why?Honestly,i really can't understand people.
But the mistake Irvin made was to deny he was gay.All he should have done was refuse to comment and say i am not a bigot or my private life is private,Luther did.
When you lie,it always comes back to bite you in the butt,excuse the pun.

The moment you become famous,you are a timebomb waiting to go off,it will happen surely as night becomes day.

When asked about his sexuality,this was what the 54 year old grandpa had to say-
“When u’re old and look so fine and women all over the world has crush on you, jealous young men will start spreading ‘the gay rumor’. I have nothing against gays, how somebody chooses to live their lives is none of my business. I’m not homophobic but I’M NOT GAY. Young men instead of hating, wake up and go to the gym. Peace out, I’m all urs ladies.”

I just hope Irvine Randle daughter knows about her dad,because this could really be embarrassing for him.

I wish the sexy grand dad well and hope all the opportunities that were opening for him remain so despite the haters.It should not matter if he is gay or not.But sadly the society we live in judges us on all fronts.
Irvine Randle without the beard or with the beard does not change the man and being gay or not should not matter either.Good luck sexy Grand dad.

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