Nigerian girl Shalom Mariam Shehu curses fiance she sent to University who married another girl!

A Nigerian girl Shalom Miriam Shehu has gone viral on twitter after she took to the medium to reign curses on her fiancee who she says dumped him by marrying another girl after she had sponsored him through university!
According to the tweets of Miriam who is based in Tel Avin Israel, her fiance of three years known as Taiwo got married to some other girl without her knowledge.
This led to all sorts of reactions on twitter from Nigerians,most of them coming down hard on Taiwo even though they had never heard his side of the story.But the comments were truly hilarious,you can trust Nigerians for that.
Read her tweets below and you will find reactions and also that of Taiwo as he responds to the accusations..enjoy...

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Check out hilarious twitter reactions below of the Mariam Shehu and finace Taiwo story.:

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But now Shalom Miriam Shehu finds herself at a crossroad..apparently her parents came across her story online and have reached out to her to come home.Here is what she shared in her latest update.

Miriam had deactivated her account after the story started trending on Twitter two days ago.But now she has reactivated it. Read tweets from below...

In a recent development,the ex fiancee Taiwo posted a message saying he left Miriam because she did something terrible to him.He said it was so terrible that it brought shame and disgrace onto him,but he failed to disclose what exactly this could be.He also denied that she paid for his masters programme ,instead saying that she only helped with some few things,read his story below in the tweets...

Taiwo tweet

Taiwo tweet 1

Taiwo tweet 2

Taiwo tweet 3

Taiwo tweet 4

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