Are twerking women like Buhle Mkhize shaming or empowering women?

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So who is Buhle Mkhize?.This article as well as her biography will tell you more.There i was minding my own business browsing.And this same name kept coming up.Buhle Mkhize twerking n.aked, showing her things.. the fashionista.So i'm thinking who is this person i have never heard of?You see,i live in the UK and over here she is not known.Well apart from the South African communities maybe.
But apparently Buhle is a big deal.People want to know about her and she is like a mini Kim Kardashian to her fans.

I must say when i eventually came across her picture,she was stunning.Curves and a body to die
for.Beautiful clothes and outfits as well.Then i began seeing all the other stuff.Twerking videos,twerking in g-strings,topless stuff and more.And i thought,oh its the same old story.The new woman.
So now i am even more curious and decided to find out more about her by checking on Buhle Mkhize biography.Surpisingly she is quite smart.She was born in Eshowe,Kwazulu-Natal in South Africa in 1984 making Buhle 32 years old.From money she made through her first job as an au pair in Amsterdam,she supported herself through college in London studying Psychology.

When she finished her studying in London,she moved to the USA and worked again as an aupair for a rich family.This was where her love for fashion began.Through those she met over there,she started her own boutique.
She has her own boutique in Manhattan called Lime Designs.She also writes for a local fashion magazine.One of the famous people she has got to work with and dress is Bruno Mars.

So i ask myself,a woman who is this smart,why the need for all the nakedness?I just don't get it.She could be doing much more and empowering young girls.Leaving a legacy.

Image result for buhle mkhize twerking

Image result for buhle mkhize twerking

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I really do feel sorry for the next generation of girls coming up.Who are there role models gonna be?A bunch of Buhle Mkhize,Kim Kardashian,Amber Rose,Blac Chyna.Women who think the only way to the top is by taking your clothes off and flashing your stuff n.aked.It's really sad.Because they have undone all the work done by the ladies who made their voices heard through their brains.

Where are the new Maya Angelou,the Lauryn Hills,Tina Turners,Queen Amina of Zaria,Michelle Obamas,Oprah Winfreys and many more?

Reacting to the sensible women who tried to put her right,our fashionista had this to say-"This booty, I mean yumminess here is dedicated to the ladies I upset with twerk videos in the past few days especially yesterday. I mean how dare I live my life in a way that makes me happy and have a nerve to post about it," she said.
The fashionista added that people can expect more twerking and tantric s.ex yoga videos from her.
Now you can see what we are facing.Hmmmmm

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Image result for buhle mkhize

I am fed up of all these talentless and substanceless Buhle Mkhize's who give women a bad name.

If you are a fashionista,why don't you concentrate on your empire and build what you want to build?Why the n.aked twerkings,topless videos and all the constant rubbish?What has the headline Buhle Mkhize twerks in a g-string got to ddo with the business of fashion?But i guess that is the world we live in today.Women like Buhle will keep getting millions of hits on instagram and getting all the endorsements.They are going to flash their wealth and designer bags and the little girls coming along will think this is the way to go.

God help my daughters,and yours.

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