How Chris Jeyibo of Koga Entertainment was killed in car accident

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A parked trailer has killed Chris Jeyibo,the Chairman of Koga Entertainment.Chris was said to have ran into the parked trailer at around 1am on Friday morning in Magodo Lagos.
Koga Studios is one of the affiliated companies under Koa Entertainment.

This unfortunate death of Chris Jeyibo really breaks my heart.Apart from the fact that we have lost a young dynamic Nigerian,a common death that has killed thousands of Nigeria for over 40 years continues to do so.
Since i was a kid,i have been hearing deaths caused by parked trailers on the road.The most recent that we all remember was the death of rapper Dagrin,he also ran into a parked trailer.
When are the authorities going to actually make a stand that abolishes trailers parked on Nigerian
roads? This terrible things have taken so many Nigerian lives.I saw a picture of the Range Rover Vogue that Chris was driving and it looked a very nasty and painful death.

Can you imagine the force of a car going at round 50 kilometers per hours rammed into a heavy stationery trailer?I would not wish that on my worst enemy.The Nigerian and Lagos state government has the blood of Chris Jeyibo on their hands,because the death is easily avoidable.I have never seen a trailer parked on a road in the UK or the USA.They have special places designated for vehicles like such.

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Nothing works in Nigeria.Why is it so hard for us to make a law and stand by it?

My condolences to the family of Chris Jeyibo on this terrible accident and death.May they find the solitude and strength to bear the great loss.But this will not be the last we hear of this.There will be many more Nigerians that will meet their untimely death in this gruesome manner.

Lets just pray it is not you and i.

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