Beyonce dead CNN and Fox news hoax stuns fans worldwide!

Beyonce death hoax conspiracy

My cousin asked me,when did Beyonce die?And instantly i knew Beyonce had become the latest victim of the death hoax that plagues celebrities.The whole thing is getting ridiculous now.What do these people derive in spreading these false and malicious rumours?They go as far as linking the name of the supposed celebrity with a credible source,to make it sound authentic.In this case it is the Fox news Beyonce link.
If you saw a report which is confirmed by Fox news,you are inclined to think it must be genuine and
credible,and this exactly is the motive of these evil and wicked people.
But what is the gain?What is the purpose of all this?What do they gain by spreading false Beyonce death date or Beyonce suicide stories?
I really have no idea.What i do know is that these stories and rumours or hoax should i say must be very disturbing and hurtful for those involved as well as their families and friends.

One thing is for sure though,the Beyonce dead hoax is not the last we will see of our celebrities.Before the year is over,there will be another one.
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Image result for beyonce dead hoax

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