How Chelsea vs Man Utd game became a nightmare for Mourinho(Highlights)

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The Chelsea v Man Utd game turned out to be a disaster for me.I am a Manchester United fan,have been since 1977,but what i saw today hurt me like i have not remembered in a long time.
When we spent £89m on Paul Pogba,acquired Mkhitaryan,i never expected something like this.In fact i tipped us to win the league.
It can still happen but looking so unlikely now.
Chelsea came at us like a hungry pack of wolves.I was in the kitchen getting a drink,got back 43secs
later,and it was already 1 nil,courtesy of Pedro.
Jeez,and right away i knew it was gonna be a long night.
Another goal from Cahill midway through the match and i knew there was no way we were gonna win this game.

The best we could hope for was a draw.Yea,David Luiz should have been sent off from a terrible tackle on Felaini,but that is all crying over spilled milk stuff,we have to get over that and move on for the 2nd half.
To be fair we started well,but a brilliant goal by Hazard in the 62nd minute sealed the match for Chelsea.But that was not the end of the story.That man Kante,that we tried to sign but was beaten to it by the same Chelsea sealed the win with a goal a striker would have been proud of.Chelsea 4 Manchester United 0.I must be dreaming.

Image result for chelsea vs man utd 4-0

Image result for chelsea vs man utd 4-0
And immediately the final whistle went,my phone started ringing,courtesy of the haters.I had calls from America,Nigeria,Italy,France,what's wrong with these people?Haven't they got a life?lol...Don't worry guys,our time is coming real soon.

The only consolation for me is that we are still only 6 points off the top of the league and that both Arsenal and Man City dropped points,both at home as well.The dreaed enemy Liverpool won,but it's not over till the fat lady sings.

But when is Mourinho gonna start playing Carrick?What does Carrick have to do to get in that team?Everytime he played he has been the man of the match,in his last game in the Europa,he was the man of the match.Combining beautifully with pogba,yet Mourinho won't use him in the premiership.I don't understand it.
Mkhitaryan and Carrick will change that team,once Miki gets going,it will be a different story,the guy is class
The red devils go marching on.

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