How Miss Anamabra Chidinma Okeke was blackmailed for N1.8m in Lesbian leaked video

How Miss Anamabra Chidinma Okeke was blackmailed for N1.8m in Lesbian leaked video

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The Miss Anambra Chidinma Okeke leaked video scandal is opening more can of worms.Chidinma went viral online after a lesbian sex video in which she and her partner were seen with a cucumber.It was so extensive that there was a part 1 and part 2 video.
Now we are learning that there are more videos and Chidinma was blackmailed for over 1.8million Naira which she had so far paid.But if you know anything about blackmailers,they keep coming back,they are like a bad tooth ache,it never goes away until the tooth is taken out!

According to Victor Ibeh who shared a report, the ex-beauty queen, Chidinma Okeke has
also been granted asylum in a yet undisclosed country.I guess this will be the best thing for Chdinma cos i don't really see how she can have a future there after all that has gone on with her controversial video leak.We all know what Nigerians can be like with issues such as this,even though a lot of us are hypocrites.

According to the reports, the video was made before she became a beauty queen, and she had already spent about 1.8 million Naira just so the video won't be released by her blackmailers.

The videos are reportedly more than ten and the blackmailers were bent on milking her dry. Chidinma Okeke is also not the only one they have been blackmailing with the video, there are other girls, according to reports.

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Chidinma also expressed earlier in the week when she cancelled a press conference where the Miss Anambra 2015 winner was supposed to shed light on the leaked sex video scandal.She said she had to cancel it because there were threats to her life by some people who said they will shoot her if she appears at the press conference.

Very sad,i hope Chidinma is able to pick up the pieces of her life and survive this terrible shame that has been heaped up on her and her family.
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