Mary J Blige husband divorce demands,Kci and Jojo and Children facts.

Mary J Blige husband divorce demands,Kci and Jojo and Children facts.

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We take a look at Mary J Blige's divorce cash demands by her husband Kendu Isaacs,her relationship with Kc and Jojo,her children and more.Mary and husband Kendu Isaacs divorce cash settlement demand has become the talk of the town.What her husband is demanding in alimony is staggering.But i think why people are so shocked is because it is usually a woman who makes such demand rather than a man after divorce.So to see a man demanding for money to look after his other kids from another woman and money to look after his ex wife is absolutely incredible.Call me old fashion,but i think this man is shameless.

He claims to have worked for 17 years as Mary J manager and partner then later husband.But if you have worked for 17 years,you should have all what you need,don't wait
for no woman to pay for your kids from another woman.That is so shameful.Bottom line is you can only pay out what you earn or are worth,so no judge will expect him to pay his kids or ex wife what he hasn't got.

If you ask me frankly,i think the whole legal system has gone crazy..these judges must be on something when they pass these rulings.I see cases of a man having to pay his ex wife 600million dollars! WTF is that all about?Some women demand 100k a month as child support!!Do those kids eat diamonds for breakfast?

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With her step children.
Check out Kendu Isaacs demands...

  • It says She fired Isaacs as her personal manager and left him with 'no source of income' and a 'bleak financial situation', 
  • Isaacs wants Blige to contribute to the $5,000 he pays in child support to two kids from a past relationship and $70,000 in rent
  • Blige already gave Isaacs $35,000 in August and $50,000 in September for spousal support, in addition to $25,000 for his legal counsel
  • But Isaacs said he spent it all to secure new living accommodations,hahahahahaha. 
  • He is also arguing that the couple's prenup is not valid because he didn't have a lawyer present when they signed it.How can you sign a legal prenup paper without no legal rep?And you are supposed to be an artist manager?If you really did,you are dumb and deserve nothing!

  • And now one of Isaacs daughter Briana has come out to defend her father,she would wouldn't she?She wasnts some of that Mary J Blige money as well,lol.Listen to her-

  • Interviewer:
    Your dad and step mom is really heavy in media right now, do you think that the media is blowing it up and treating your family unfairly?
    Briana L:
    Maybe this is some grand life lesson from the Universe. . . for the both of them. I think that it’s interesting to me how people talk about my father like he never did anything lol. Like he’s begging for money out of nowhere. They were together for 17 years, he managed her career, I don’t understand why everyone is acting like he’s not entitled to normal alimony or maintenance. Lol. Seriously. I don’t know. I think people are weird. I never understood society.

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    Mary J has been unlucky in love.We all know about the Mary J Blige kc and Jojo drama.Oops sorry my bad,that should be strictly Kc.Back in the day she was madly in love with Kc of Jojo and Kci fame.But they were all young,Kci was not ready to get married,he was enjoying fame and wanted to party.Mary assumed they were engaged and while wearing a ring proudly on a British Program called the Word in the 90s,she talked about her love for the Jodeci singer and possibly marriage.But the Tv hosts did something really terrible by humiliating Mary and playing back a video to her.The video was of when KC had been in London on the show with Jodeci,they asked him if he was engaged and he said he was engaged to no one and was not looking to get married anytime soon.

    Well as you can imagine,the singer was not amused and became visibly angry.It was the beginning of the end for Kc and Mary J.

    It led to her having a different approach as she later said in 2004 when revealing that her husband was banned from having female friends, that-All females for me, all guys for him,” she says, sternly. “There’s none of that, ‘Oh, that’s my female friend. Oh, that’s my guy friend.’ No. Not in a marriage, I’ve never seen that work… Being a single person and an artist, there’s a lot of selfishness that you don’t even know you have. Being a wife, it’s not all about me.

    The affair has inspired two of her biggest albums ,"No more drama" and my favourite "My Life".

    Mary has no biological children of her own but there is a Mary J Blige daughter.She is stepmother to Kendu's children, Briana, 18, Jordan, 16, and Nas, 15, from a previous relationship and although she has never had a child of her own with Kendu she considers his 'special kids' as her own children.

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