Why Lagos state is joking with Graduates Conductors earning N50,000 plan

Why Lagos state is joking with Graduates Conductors earning N50,000 plan

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Lagos state to employ 1000 graduates as bus conductors with salaries of N50,000?Please tell me this is a joke as this is one of the most shocking things i have heard.It is all well okay to employ the youths and get them off the streets,but common,if a man goes to university for 4 years to study,the least you can do is give him the chance to use that brain and knowledge he has acquired.

Is Lagos state saying they can't create intellectual jobs in so many fields such as oil and gas,technology,finance,business administration,celerical jobs in the state ministries and so
forth that will help the state grow with its graduands?

Then what will become of those who only have high school certificate or barely educated?Those are the ones they are supposed to educate and rebrand to do jobs like these.It is not a crime not to be educated.Many of our billionaires such as Bill Gates,Richard Branson,and the Face book CEO did not graduate.But look at them today.

So when i heard the news that Lagos state Ministry of Transportation in conjunction with the Bus Conductors Association of Nigeria, BCAN, plans to employ 1000 graduates as bus conductors in the state,i thought this must be some kind of joke.

The President of BCAN, Comrade Israel Ade Adeshola said their association and the state government is working towards making the Bus Conducting profession one for only trained bus conductors and also make it more lucrative and attractive.
In an interview with Vanguard, Adeshola said 

"Presently Lagos state government through the Lagos State Drivers Institute, LASDRI is training and accrediting conductors in the state, adding that after the training the graduands would be employed as Bus Conductors and would be on the payroll of the government with a salary worth of N50,000 per month. The objective is to make the job of bus conducting attractive, respected and dignified as obtainable globally”.

It doesn't have to be graduates of Universities in this position that can make the job attractive,it can be made attractive for  dropouts,high schoolleavers etc,how hard can it be to train people to be conductors?

I still hope to see a report later saying this was a joke.But it is not a funny one.
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