Photo of £3.5m ring stolen by robbers from Kim Kardashian in Paris attack

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Apparently,this is the ring stolen by robbers who attacked Kim Kardashian in Paris.As well as being left 'badly shaken' by the shocking robbery in her Paris lodgings last night, Kim Kardashian also had a dazzling ring worth £3.5million (N2.25 billion) stolen from her.

Now the question is,is Kim guilty of flaunting her ring on social media thereby inviting the armed men to come rob her?Another angle is,if you have a ring,you should would wear it won't you?But really i think Kim might just be guilty,by flaunting all these goodies on social media,its an open invite to these men of the underworld to come rob you.I hope Kim has learnt from the terrible Paris attack.
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The reality star is believed to have been robbed of £8.5million of jewellery including this which was her second engagement ring designed by her husband Kanye West.

Kanye gifted his wife with the ring just last month and she hasn't stopped flashing it on social media since.

She is pictured taking selfies with $3.5Million engagement ring two hours before the unfortunate incident.

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