The hypocrisy behind banned Kannywood actress Rahama Sadau

The hypocrisy behind banned Kannywood actress Rahama Sadau

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So you've all heard that Kannywood actress Rahama Sadau has been banned from the industry for music video she appeared in.You would have thought she had intimacy wiin this video.She never did.Just a normal music video.But i guess in the North they like to be whiter than white,which they are not.
They find it permissible to marry 13 year olds,but a fully grown woman cannot appear on video seen hugging a man?I can't get my heard round it.Such hypocrisy.

But theres been an article trying to justify Rahama Sadau's sacking from Kannywood.This is
what they called the background story behind the actions of the leadership of the conservative Hausa movie industry, Kannywood. 

Until 2007, Kano was the home of a thriving film industry in the Hausa language. Hausa language ‘video-films’ are similar to the larger ‘Nollywood’ Nigerian film industry, but are stylistically different, with most films including song and dance sequences influenced by Indian films and hip-hop music videos. 

However, things took a turn when a sex scandal involving a leaked sex of a very popular Hausa film actress having sex with her boyfriend instigated a change in the leadership of the Kano State Censorship Board. 
The actress was one of the most popular actresses back then in Kannywood, kind of like the Genevieve or Omotola of Kannywood. 

She had sex with a bureau de change owner and the guy filmed the whole encounter. What we are not sure of is if she was aware he was filming it. 

Like they say out there, the guy 'shagged and bragged' to his friends that he had slept with the great lady, but they didn't believe him. In a bid to convince them, he showed them the video. Unfortunately, when he left the phone unattended, one of the people he had shown the video to copied it  and that is how it went viral.

The leaked sex tape caused a big scandal and it got so bad that the actress had to go into hiding for fear of her life. Some Islamists also allegedly threatened her life over the video. According to an article written at the time,
Residents of Kano State now live in fear, as Muslim groups are allegedly planning to attack the Hausa film actress over her x-rated video phone-clip circulating in the state, a move described by the Islamic group as immoral and abuse of Shariah law.

The clip caused public outcry in the state which resulted in her expulsion by the film makers association, along with 17 other members.

Executive Secretary of Kano Film Censorship Board, Alhaji Abdulkadir Kurawa, in a press release made available to THISDAY, said the banned actress’ participation in film will threaten peace enjoyed in the state.
The music video that got  Rahama Sadau banned from Kannywood.

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Following the sex scandal which instigated a change in the Kano State Censorhip Board, a new director general of the  Board, Abubakar Rabo Abdulkarim, formerly commandant of the hisbah (Sharia religious police), was appointed in August 2007. The board had been instituted in 2001 after the implementation of Islamic sharia law as a compromise measure between the filmmakers and the government. The censorship board enabled the films to continue being made but with some restrictions on dress and interaction between male and female actors.

Since that time till present, the board have been very strict on issues concerning male and female interaction which must follow the dictates of Sharia law.

This, I believe, may be why the hammer has been very heavy on Rahama Sadau
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