Soulja Boy fights Lil Yachty as he exposes India Love on twitter and Video

Soulja Boy Lil Yachty fight as he exposes India Love

Soulja Boy Lil Yachty are in a battle for India Love.I guess with a name like that,you must have so much love to spread around.Don't you just love these kids?Soulja in particular seems to be in love with trouble,the man can start a fight in an empty room.The Soulja Boy India love video was specifically made to get under the skin of Yachty and piss him off,and that was exactly what it did.Love has got Yachty bad i'm afraid,pun intended.The beef of the
two spilled on to twitter with Soulja Boy exposing his and India's love.

Soulja further mocked and threatened to beat up Lil Boat and disses his signature beaded hairstyle, saying he looks like Twizzlers.

Lil Yachty cleared the air on Twitter, saying he’s not here for a fight. But he does put out a warning about messing with the Boat.Hahahahaha.

See the full twitter exchange below

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