Sad story of Chelsea Abuja headmistress who was raped and buried alive

Sad story of Chelsea Abuja headmistress who was raped and buried alive

Picture of the headmistress of CHELSEA international school abuja who was kidnapped raped and buried alive

Did you hear about the Chelsea International school Abuja headmistress who was kidnapped,raped and buried alive by her abductors?As if that was not sad and shocking enough,the driver of the lady was behind the whole episode.
The men had tried to sell some of the properties of the Abuja headmistress including her jeep,when the police were alerted.They then arrested the men,and after serious interrogation(Naija style,lol)the men confessed and took the police to the scene were she had been buried ALIVE! Jesus! Why are people like this?This young headmistress had her whole life ahead of her.As you can see from the pictures,she is still very much a young
lady.Probably with a husband and kids,and all these was taken away from her so cruelly.

The men were then forced to dig up the grave by the police and retrieve her body.Seeing the body from the video was so sad.She was tied up and wearing nothing.I cannot imagine such a cruel way to die,she must have been through hell,such a sad thing.
I don't know if the death sentence is still applicable in Nigeria,but these men should be executed full stop! I would go one even better.I will bury them alive and let them die the way the Abuja headmistress met her death.

Out of respect to her family,i have decided not to load the video of the Chelsea internation school headmistress.But if you really want to watch it,you will find it on youtube.

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