Why the Aliko Dangote is he dead stories won't go away

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Why won't the Is Aliko Dangote dead questions go away?I got 3 calls from friends last night asking is it true that Dangote is dead?I answered,how should i know?
But it got me really wondering why certain people have no better news to carry or no better thought than wishing a fellow human dead.Its despicable really.The Aliko Dangote one in particular has been around for a while now and i can imagine how his children and family must feel reading such awful news about their father continuously.
The richest man in Africa himself has come out to deny the dead reports,but is that enough for the
prophets of doom?No way.They won't stop,they continue with the Dangote is dead story.

Image result for aliko dangote is he dead

Image result for aliko dangote is he dead

Like i said earlier,this made me wonder andd ask questions why people carry these kind of news.And it reminded me of a song back in the 1980s by a group known as the Timex Social club.They had a song called rumours.And pasrt of the lyrics went,"How do rumours get started?Its started by the jealous people and they imagine something they had that somebody else is holding"

And i think that explains it all,Jealousy.Dangote is the richest man in Africa.He is the richest black man in the world,some people don't like that and they can't compete with that.So what's their next best option?Wish him dead,kill this man.
It's sad really and i feel sorry for these people.We are all gonna die someday,but Nigeria's richest man,the richest man in Nigeria's time has not come yet.This man still has many more conference calls to conduct,many more billion dollar deals to close,more billions to make,more hosting of world leaders.
So the doomsday prophets should find something else to talk about and find other conference calls to make,this horse is long dead.Find another story to flog,The Aliko Dangote is he dead rumours and questions is enough.Cos frankly we are tired of it.

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