Why the DSS are Right to arrest Nigerian Judges like thieves in the Night

Why the DSS are Right to arrest Nigerian Judges like thieves in the Night

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Even a dead Nigerian knows about the judges arrested in Nigeria story by now.7 corrupt or allegedly corrupt judges were arrested by the DSS in what they called a sting operation all over the country.The operation had taken place at the weeked in the early hours of saturday morning.Doors and home were broken into in an operation very reminiscent of terrorists and thieves or drug dealers being hunted down.

Now because this action was towards a group of people(Lawyer's,attorneys and judges) normally regraded as the untouchable in society,there has been an uproar.Why must you treat Nigerian judges
or our lawyers and attorneys like this?Some of them are supreme court judges and should be accorded better respect.

Just to refresh your memory,the 7 arrested Nigerian judges are-Those arrested are: Justices Sylvester Ngwuta and Inyang Okoro – the suspended Presiding Justice of the Court of Appeal, Ilorin Division, Justice Mohammed Ladan Tsamiya, who was picked up in Sokoto; Justice Adeniyi Ademola (Federal High Court); the Chief Judge of Enugu State, Justice I. A. Umezulike; Justice Kabiru Auta of Kano State High Court; and Justice Muazu Pindiga (Gombe State High Court).

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The Federal government has blocked them returning to work right now although they have all been granted bail on self recognition.The reason for this according to the government is the judges cannot be in the dock and be adjudicating at the same time.Which makes absolute sense to me.

But my answer to the way the Nigerian judges were arrested is this,if the allegations against them are true,these judges deserve no better.What they have done to Nigeria and society is no worse than what thieves,armed robbers and terrorist have inflicted on society.And i will give you a quick insight to this.

Now imagine a government or a candidate who was voted in by the people.He is taken to court and a corrupt judge along with corrupt lawyers and attorneys turns the verdict against him and gives the mandate to the other candidate who is incompetent,corrupt and ruins the economy and the society.Needless to say many Nigerians will die from this action.Because money needed to fix roads,hospitals,security just to mention a few will be embezzled.So tell me,how is this different to a thieve who robs and kills or a terrorist who kills and maims?So maybe now you get my point.

What will a Nigerian judge be doing with N900m in his home?Or hundreds of thousands of dollars?
There are reports that there are surveillance videos showing some of the judges in corrupt practises.There are also reports that these judges have acquired properties and opened vast accounts in names of their children and family members.

As they always say,corruption fights back and corruption in Nigeria has been fighting back indeed.

There are those who say they are against the treatment dished out by the DSS in arresting the Nigerian judges.But these same judges are the ones who sign warrants for police to go arrest and badge down doors of the ordinary Nigerians.They along with their fellow lawyers and attorneys knew and know what this warrant entailed.But they never envisaged it might one day be the ones at the end of it.So its one rule for them and another for us?
Well sorry,that horse has bolted and its no longer business as usual.
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For all those with hidden agendas who says this is a dictatorship government and throwing shades at President Buhari.I ask,how is this a dictatorship?How is the arrests of the Nigerian judges wrong?

The constitution has been change and says an arrest can be carried out at ANYTIME.It also says if there is any resistance at the port of entry,they can force there way in.So what exactly is the problem here?
What is wrong with Nigerians?We want corruption in Nigeria to end but we don't want the hard process.We all want to go to heaven but no one wants to die?

Even the outgoing chief justice of Nigeria Mahmud Mohammed has spoken out against the arrested Nigerian judges.He called it deeply regrettable.But why?No laws have been broken.The DSS says they had reached out to the judges to come in for questioning,but they had refused to and found legal loopholes to block these moves.
If you have nothing to hide,why would you refuse to come in for questioning?

It should also be noted that since more revelations has surfaced about the way the DSS carried out their operations,and the warrants issued plus the loot allegedly found,most Nigerians are on the side of the government and President Buhari and welcome the fight against the corrupt Nigerian judges arrested.

Here are some of what the DSS found in homes of arrested corrupt Nigerian judges- "In one of the States where the Service operations were conducted, credible intelligence revealed that the Judge had Two Million United States Dollars ($2,000,000 USD) stashed in his house. When he was approached for due search to be conducted, he in concert with the State Governor, mobilized thugs against the Service team".
This alone i don't understand.There are also reports from sources that the governor in question is allegedly part of the corruption as he had a dealing with the judge.

You have to ask,if the DSS showed the governor their warrant and explain it says the judges can be arrested at anytime,why would he prevent the judge from being taken away?Why would he come with his own security forces to prevent this?

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The Governor in question is Nyesom Wike and DSS sources said “The judge in Port Harcourt is under probe for about $2.5million. Out of that amount, $500,000 was moved elsewhere and we know where it went".

Justice Ademola was alleged to have been found with N54,000,000 on him, Justice Ngwuta had N35, 208,000 on him and Justice Okoro was found with N4,350, 000. There was also a list of dollar and pound denominated currencies in the names of the Judges.

Another supreme court was aso alleged to own a N1.5b property and when confronted he said it belonged to his son.The son needless to say could not explain how he made his fortune.

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According to another source “Operatives have discovered that one of the judges owns a mansion which was contracted to a construction firm at a huge cost. In fact, the judge imported furniture from Brazil, Argentina and Spain. At a stage, he conducted his ‘poor colleagues’ round the mansion in an open display of affluence. The judge has about 15 cars, including a Rolls Royce. This Rolls Royce was imported. During interrogation, another judge told DSS team that he did not know how and when N18million was lodged in his account because he was not getting alert from his bank. But we have evidence of withdrawals from the account. We have retrieved the assets declaration forms of these judges. It was shocking that one of them has three asset declaration forms with different dates of birth.”

Personally and i know i speak for many Nigerians on this,i can't wait for more judges to be arrested.More public officials,more ex leaders.Already too many have been arrested with no closure.We need to see results.We need to know that this fight against corruption in Nigeria is REAL!

By Wale Morads.
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