Ben Carson rejects appointment for place place in Donald Trump Cabinet

Ben Carson rejects appointment for place place in Donald Trump Cabinet

Is the Donald Trump Ben Carson romance over?Carson has turned down a place in Donald Trump's cabinet.The Detroit native opted not to join the president elect's set up.He however will continue in his adviser role to Trump.

His spokesman and business manager Armstrong Williams revealed on Tuesday.“Dr. Carson has decided he is most effective for the president-elect outside of the administration, instead of taking a position at any cabinet level,” 

It is a rather interesting appointment on Trump's part.With the accusation of being a racist,it sure would have shocked many that Trump was offering him this very important post to a
black man.The retired pediatric neurosurgeon, had been mentioned as a candidate to head the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services or the U.S. Department of Education. 

His spokesman said Trump made it clear that he wanted him in his cabinet at all cost and offered him any agency he wanted.Looks like Trump is not so stupid afterall.That is the thought of a business man,he doesn't have to like you to work with you.If you will make him look good,make him money,you are in.Looks to me like this might be the case with the appointment of Carson.

There so far has not been a reaction from Trump's team at the latest development.

It should be noted though that Carson endorsed Trump  after ending his own run for the GOP presidential nomination just before the Detroit debate in March. Like the president elect,he has never held a public office.
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