New Google Photoscan that scans,digitalizes old prints and edits in seconds launched

Google Photos just announced new, smarter products for working with your images.

A Google photoscanner that digitalizes,edits and shared photos like never before has been made available.The photoscanner turns your phone into a scanner, preserving print images digitally without removing them from an album or frame.Sounds great doesn't it?

The launch includes a new standalone app, PhotoScan, that allows you to scan your printed photos without glare in seconds—a process that previously took hours with a flatbed scanner or cost thousands of dollars through a service. The company also introduced updates to Google Photos that
use machine learning to help you edit both the photos you scan and take digitally with professional quality automatically, or, on your own with more detail than previously possible.

The photoscan app also features a few new editing categories like light, color and pop. Layers have also been added to each of these categories, so you can get as specific as you’d like with your adjustments. 
So all you budding photographers out there,you have a new toy to play with.Happy snapping.

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