Will Rogers world airport shooting in Oklahoma City latest

A shooting at the OKC Will Rogers airport,  has led to authorities to close down the Oklahoma City airport.One person has been reported injured.Meanwhile people inside the airport have been asked to shelter in there.
Oklahoma City Police Capt. Paco Balderrama said police confirmed the shooting of one victim said there are reports of a possible second victim, but authorities have not yet found
that person.

Capt Balderrama however said he does not know the condition of the confirmed victim. 
As a result the police have blocked off all roads near the airport and people should avoid the airport, according to the police captain.
Airport spokeswoman Karen Carney said all operations are suspended.
“There are going to be some delays for flights until we have further information,” Carney said, while referring other questions to police.
We shall bring you any new developments.

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