Danniella Westbrook Teeth and nose shocks viewers on This morning

Danniella Westbrook Teeth and nose shocks viewers on This morning

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Daniella Westbrook nose:Watching Danniella Westbrook on this morning left me in tears.How many chances does this lady have to get.Now she has confessed to a recent overdose,relapsing on cocaine.

She had it all.A great career,fame money and beauty.She is 43 years old ,but i swear she looked like she was in her 60s on this morning.It is so sad to see how it has all ended up for the ex Eastenders star.We all know the story of her serious cocaine and heroin addictions over the years.We thought it had finally been put to bed although some of us knew better.
Seeing Daniella Westbrook nose on this morning revealed she has gone back to that dark place.She admitted herself she relapsed and tried to overdose when her boyfriend, George, walked out on
her.Apparently he had an affair with her best friend.

The actress said-Danniella admitted: “I did relapse, I thought my whole world was over when [George] walked out.”
But if you are going to go back to taking drugs anytime something goes wrong in your life.then you are weak and maybe deserve no pity.

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I know people keep saying addiction is an illness,yes maybe it is.But we recover and get better from illnesses don't we?Many many people were addicts,they got help,they went to drug rehab programs or whatever and they got healed.They never went back to drugs.So if you keep going to rehab or keep getting help and falling off every 5 minutes,maybe you should stop and take a look at yourself.

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Some people sadly don't want to get better or get cured.Danniella seems to be one of those people.She is like the Paul Gascoignes and George Bests and Amy Winehouses of this world.And it looks like her story may not end with a happy ever after.

Her septum famously once caved in as the result of her past drug issues,making her nose one of the most infamous noses in Britain,her appearance in the last week sparked fears for her health when she was spotted with dressings below her nose.Frankly it is a sorry sight that does not look good at all.
And now listening to her speak on the show was another thing entirely,if you had closed your eyes,you would have thought it was your granny speaking.That was how bad she sounded.Reason for this is,Danniella Westbrook teeth were all taken out by her dentist after she encountered a life threatening case of septicemia.

I really pray for the troubled star.She has a lot of people out there who still love her and are rooting for her.There were lots of positive reactions from those who saw her appear on this morning,they wish her well and hope she can get herself quickly sorted out.
We all hope for the best..But somehow you just feel.....
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