Cliff Richard Talks Facelift,2017 tour and Child abuse on Loose women

Cliff Richard on Loose women today Tues 15th Nov,revealed his child abuse allegation has left him wary of hugging fans.The Bachelor boy revealed the drama took so much out of him that he barely got 3 hours a night sleep.Interestingly,he revealed the episode aged him dramatically and now he wants a facelift.He also talked about his 2017 tour coming up with tickets selling fast.
Sir Cliff, you are 76 years old,you look great,put the thoughts of the facelift away.You are more in
danger at an older age anyway for any kind of operation that requires anaesthetic.

He also revealed he was now closer to God after his ordeal.Was he ever far away from God?Could he be any closer?
The audience of Loose women though had an icing on their cake when Cliff decided to serenade them right there in the studio.They all had a lil sing along to some of his greatest hits.

This seems to be a speciality of his,remember Cliff Richard at Wimbledon 1996 July when he serenaded the crowd?I'm sure you do.It became an iconic moment for the Mistletoe and wine singer.
By the way,his favourite time of the year is arriving.Christmas.What would Christmas be without a Cliff Richard song blaring on the airwaves?
His 2017 tour was also touched upon and tickets are selling out fast.Sounds like even at 80 plus,he will still be touring and performing as a young one for his fans.

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