Why i hate those happy new month messages,quotes and prayers!

You know that one annoying friend that keeps sending those happy new month,happy Friday and happy new week messages?I'm sure you have at least one.Or maybe it's you yourself i'm talking about,lol.But seriously ,i hate those things.
Imagine having to deal with happy new January,February,March,April,May,June,July all the way to December?
They are so annoying.Why do i have to be reminded its a new month constantly?I'm i dumb?
And what is so happy about it anyway?Are you paying my bills or giving me a contract that is gonna
fetch me millions?

I can safely say i have never sent a happy new month message,quote or prayer in my life.They are just a needless pointless exercise.How did we get here anyway?It was always happy new year.Which is cool.We can all handle that,but imagine having to hear that same old stupid phrase 12 times in a year?It's enough to drive you crazy!

When it is worse is when you know that,that particular friend or family member was gonna bombard you with messages and images to mark the month.And they get annoy when you don't send them back the same bloody message.
One you have heard one new month inspirational message,you have heard them all.I don't need you to keep reminding me constantly every 30 days!

And now they have gone even further.They now have happy new months to my sweetheart messages,hahahahaha..I am serious.Happy new month Text,quotes,SMS,images,messages,i am fed up of them all!

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