Sir Frederick Banting quotes,Nobel Prize,Art paintings and Facts

Sir Frederick Banting quotes,

Frederick Banting quotes:Sir Frederick was one of the greatest men ever to live.He won the Nobel prize for his breakthrough insulin treatment of diabetes.He was also an artist who loved painting.We shall be taking a look at his biography and at the same time discovering some facts about him as well as his famous quotes.
Millions of people all around the world owe their treatment of diabetes to Banting.Until the
1920s there was no treatment for it and it was a death sentence more or less.
 The Canadian scientist was born on November 14 1891 in Alliston, a settlement in the Canadian province of Ontario. 
He had a breakthrough in his mission to treat diabetes in 1921 in the University of Toronto.They had given him 10 dogs on which to practise on. On one dog, the pancreas was removed, resulting in it getting diabetes.
On another test subject, he removed the dog’s pancreas but ground the pancreas up and created an injection. Giving the diabetic dog a few injections a day kept it healthy.
A year later in 1922, history was made when a 14-year-old boy named Leonard Thompson became the first person with diabetes to be treated with insulin.He quickly recovered after the application and treatment. More patients were soon treated afterwards and they mostly all recovered quickly too.
This led Eli Lilling,the medical company to begin producing large-scale quantities of insulin.
The discovery of the drug was seen as a miracle,and it saved millions of lives. 
Here are some Frederick Banting facts.
November 14 which is his birthday is world diabetes day.
Google has celebrated him with a commemorative Doodle on his posthumous 125th birthday.
He served in the First World War after being rejected due to his poor eye sight while in medical school,but got his wish because the army wanted more doctors on the frontline.
He died on his way to England at the age of 49 on 1941 in a plane crash after the engines of his plane failed.
He was the youngest person awarded the Nobel Laureate in Physiology or Medicine  at 32-years old.It was awarded to him and John Macleod, who had helped the research get funded, in 1923. 
He was knighted by King George V in 1934.
He was awarded the Military Cross for his heroic service at the 1st world war.  

Despite being intensely wounded during an attack of enemy fire outside Haynecourt, France in September 1918, he continued to attend to his battalion for nearly 17 hours straight.Gosh,this man was something else.
He was an acclaimed artist and painter.He has enrolled at the University of Toronto on a General Arts programme, but failed his first year.He then embarked on his career in medicine.Good thing for the world that he failed right? But that didn't end his love for the arts as he went on to become a fine painter, painting the Canadian Rockies and Northern landscape.
His love for and interest in aviation medicine resulted in him embarking on research into the psychological problems encountered by pilots working in high altitudes.
frederick banting biography and nobel prize
On Appreciation.
I very deeply appreciate the honour which you have conferred upon me in awarding the Nobel Prize for 1923 to me and Professor J.J.R. Macleod. 
On the tolerance and diet of a patient.
On the Principles of diabetes treatment.
Diabetes mellitus is due to a deficiency of the internal secretion of the pancreas. The main principle of treatment is, therefore, to correct this deficiency. 

On Animals sugar and blood-
The method of estimating the potency of insulin solutions is based on the effect that insulin produces upon the blood sugar of normal animals.

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