NHS Mail news problem as Email crash after test message reply mistake

In the latest NHS mail news,the site of the National health service mail log in crashed after a test message was mistakenly sent to almost a million employees.This led to the NHS mail log in crash causing problems for everyone.
By the time some of the staff who had messages sent to them originally started hitting the reply button,it was inevitable that there were gonna be problems leading to the server breakdown.The email traffic by now was more than the system usually receives in a month.

By now the problem was out of hand and became comical when doctors as well as nurses plus other
staff of the NHS asking their colleagues to stop replying to the mails.
According to findings,as may as two hundred emails were sent out after the botched message was sent out in a few hours.This happened at about 8.46 am and was said to have been sent out by IT contractor based in the Croydon area.
In later news,bosses later said the NHS mail had been infected by a bug after having earlier said the mails were sent out by a mistake.

The system is the one used by GP surgeries as well as community care to communicate sensitive patient data cases.One Doctor commented-"My NHS email is very important to me because it's the only secure way I can send and receive anything safely about my patients.
"So, this is a major problem [and] potentially a risk to patients."

On Monday night primary care leaders said the breakdown had “serious” implications for patient care.
“Healthcare professionals rely on email to communicate with each other, so it’s essential that we have a secure platform, such as NHS Mail, to do so,” said Professor Maureen Baker, Chair of the Royal College of GPs.
Frontline staff were less measured, however.
One renal surgeon posted on Twitter:  “I hope they reserve a special place in hell for those insisting on replying to all.”
The current email system that crashed is formally known as NHS Mail 2, was introduced in May 2016.It should be noted that the Croydon Health Services NHS Trust issued a statement denying they were responsible for the initial email that caused the problem leading to the crash.

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