Biography and homage to dead Sharon Jones of the Dap Kings

Biography and homage to dead Sharon Jones of the Dap Kings

Anyone who saw Sharon Jones and the Dap kings perform live will know another shining star has been extinguished in 2016.Its been a terrible year.Some of the stars we lost to death are Prince,(still can't believe i am writing that),David Bowie,Leonard Cohen,Terry Wogan,Pete Burns ,Gene Wilder,Paul Daniels and the greatest,Muhammad Ali,just to mention a few.The Sharon Jones death news really hit me hard when i heard it.I was a big fan.
Apparently she had been ill with cancer of the stomach for a while,but i guess only close friends and family knew that.She died of pancreatic cancer on Friday 18th of November in a New York hospital.

I've always loved my old school funk and soul.And Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings took you back to
the days of real retro music.You close your eyes and it's like you were born in the 50's.If you had been unlucky enough like i was not to see all the old school greats like Marvin Gaye,Sam Cook,Wilson Picket,Teddy Pendergrass,Ike and Tina Turner review and the Motown revue live,The Dap Kings said don't worry,we will show you how it was done,and show us they did.

I have an affinity with Sharon cos a cousin of mine is a musician too.He is 50 and still pushing on his dream to get his big break someday.The Dap Kings lead vocalist was 46 years old when she got her big break despite having been in bands and singing all over the place for most of her life.

The big break came in 2002 via a recording session.The overnight success that in fact took decades to cultivate then led to a Grammy nomination.They also spread their Gospel all over the world by performing far and wide and Glastonbury was one of those places.

The power house vocalist had members of her band surround her while she passed away,i hope they had a little jam session as well.The cancer was diagnosed in 2013,but she continued performing like a true old pro.

Among those who payed her homage were British and Grammy award winning producer Mark Ronson,veteran Booker T Jones and Whoopi Goldberg.
One of her famous quotes while fighting cancer was the inspirational "i have cancer,cancer don't have me"
More on Sharon Jones singer biography below...

She was born in Augusta, Georgia,USA in 1956 and like many legends sang in gospel choirs and backing bands.But her talent failed to bring her the recognition and success she deserved for many years.The jobs she undertook while success eluded her included working as a corrections officer at the Rikers Island jail.Some Jailhouse rock for you there i suppose.
 recording session performance later on in 2002 led to the formation of the Dap-Kings and the release of Dap-Dippin'.By then she was 46 years old.An age when many stars had retired or stopped being relevant.
She and her group produced 6 more albums  including the Grammy-nominated Give the People What They Want.
Sharon Jones sure gave the people what they wanted.We love you and shall miss you.
RIP Soul survivor!

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