Is Kylie Jenner without make up a sales pitch for Her Cosmetics Lipkit?

It's funny there are so many Kylie Jenner without make up pictures around when she actually has her own cosmetics line.Really make you wonder if this was a calculated ploy to see how you can go from 0 to hundred.The youngest member of the Kardashian clan is only 19 years old.A funny age where most women don't wanna be seen without their make up on.
They are either experimenting at that stage or enjoying the sophisticated look and change of persona
that a few magic powders can do to them

So what better than a few few unflattering pictures lying around and then the Kylie Jenner cosmetics to appear and save the day?Every woman can relate to the pictures when you are at your natural habitat.Looking fresh faced but at the same time not looking like Miss Thang!
We go through stages when we wanna look like that,usually by ourselves or with very close friends and family.But then when its time for Cinderella to go to the ball,we want the full works.This is where the slap on come on.
Not only has our young reality star got that market covered now,there is also the Kylie Jenner lipkit,and they all look good.

It's not a coincidence that her net worth is reported to be $10m! That is huge for a 19 year old who does not sing,act or have any particular talent.Well,i guess you could say she has talent for making money.
More worryingly,she is joining the path set by older sister,taking off her clothes.How long before we see her go the full Monty?Already this week,we saw a picture taken with boyfriend Tyga,with her topless and pressed against the rapper's body.His hands were also placed in somewhere very private.but hey,that's the sort of stuff her family does to get publicity and it sells their products.They have all got cosmetic lines,lingerie lines and fashion lines.How do you think all these stuff keep clearing off the shelf with rapid speed?That's the power of celebrity today.A time when you don't need any substance to become a household name.


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