Kanye WEST Donald Trump meme Trends as Kanye West endorses Trump

So Kanye has got his favourite wish come true and he and Trump's meme trend online.Everyone knows this man will say anything,do anything and eat his own poo just too see his name and face plastered all over the news!Sounds like he and the president elect have something in common in that aspect.😊😊😊😊😊
When i saw the headlines Kanye West supports Donald Trump,it didn't move a bone in my body.Wasn't no surprise to me.I bet you if Hilary had won,he'd be jumping up and down saying stuff like his wife is gonna be the next president and Hilary was there to pave the way.Talking bout
presidency,he still insists he will be contesting in 2020.Worse has happened.

Apparently,he went on a rant at his show for some 40 minutes talking politics.Who keeps going to Kanye's shows anyway?If people walk out a couple of times when he starts this stupid rants rather than playing the music which the people had come to see,maybe that will teach him a lesson as against next time.
Till then,he will keep taking the mickey as he did at the St Pablo tour show in San Jose.
Meanwhile,here are some of the best Kanye WEST Donald Trump meme as trending on socia media...

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