The Ginuwine leaked nude pictures are an Eggplant of a dead career

The Ginuwine leaked nude pictures are an Eggplant of a dead career

If you look closely at the nude pictures of Ginuwine,you will realise they are not all what they seem to be.We all remember Mr Pony,he has always given us the impression he has something for the ladies to ride on.But the exposed pictures suggests all is not what it seems to be.
The pictures are quite impressive,any red blooded male will be proud of what he is packing in the pics.

But where you see that this is all a game is when he commented on the scandal.Most people would have denied they were the one,But what did our man do?He gave a cryptic message instead,nothing
like trying to protect his brand and simply deny it.After all,Bill Clinton did in front of the whole world despite all evidence pointing towards him didn't he?😊😊😊😊

Rather our man said,Everybody keep talking about pics and all SO WHAT!!! We all trust people at times that we shouldn't won't say names as of now!!! Stay tuned.
Coincidentally,Ginuwine has not had a hit record since 1958,and guess what?He has got an album coming out soon.We also know about all the drug problems he had not too long ago,although thankfully,that is all in the past.

The Ginuwine egg plant pictures did not appear by mistake,they were carefully orchestrated.But you know what else is strange?There wwere three pics,and the dic were not the same.One pic shows them as circumcized,while the other wasn't.If you have seen them you wil know what i mean.

Whatever it was that Mr Pony or shall we say Mr Horsey,as that will be more appropriate after the last day..whatever he did,it is working for him right now.
Now,lets release that album and see if it can ride on this pony to the top of the charts.On a last note,the Pony lyrics says If you're h.orny, Let's do it,Ride it, My Pony My saddle's waiting,Come and jump on it.I would seriously advise anyone on jumping on that weapon.

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