Blac Chyna and Rob baby Dream comes true with Renee Kardashian

Blac Chyna and Rob baby Dream comes true with Renee Kardashian

So Blac Chyna finally got what she was looking for,a Dream into the Kardashian world.Rob and Chyna baby born was the headlines that welcomed their baby,Dream Renee Kardashian into the world on Thursday morning.But in typical Chyna style,this wasn't without their own little reality drama.
Who else while about to go in labour or maybe in labour(who knows?)would think of having a mannequin challenge?The mother to be and her family plus baby father Rob all got together and had an hilarious mannequin moment,i thought it was quite nice actually,crazy but nice.

However there were speculations as to whether she had a caesarian,i lost count of the amount of
times i came across stories online asking did Blac Chyna have a C section.Well,if she did she sure ain't again it might all come out in their Blac Chyna and Rob show,after all they got the master to learn from..Kim herself.

Unsurprisingly,she looked absolutely gorgeous during the whole thing.Would she be caught without make up at her big moment?You bet not,it was like she was having a photo shoot,she looked flawless and spotless.
Talking about little Renee,she looks absolutely adorable,and the world is that her father can't get enough of her.I also saw a pic of Amber Rose carrying her,and that was a really beautiful moment,Amber looked like she was wishing she had a baby girl at that moment.

Obviously with a name like Dream,there will be a lot of cliched phrases,and they have all been coming out,i am guilty as well(lol).

I will try not to make you cringe any further by using more here.
Now that the reality slash fame monger has become a mom,i hope she gets a little more responsible and not just see her child as a means to get even more famous and milk to the ends of the earth.
We have seen Ice T's wife practically do that,i'm sorry but that woman's antics make me wanna puke.

By the way,we haven't heard from Aunty Wendy Williams have we?I think she learnt her lesson for once and has decided to keep quiet this time around.She got more than she bargained for from our new celebrity mom who gave her a really good tongue lashing when she stepped over her boundaries like she usually does.

Anyway,i'm outta here,hope i don't wake up tomorrow morning and find all these has been a dream?😋😋😋😋😋😋I couldn't resist that..sorry folks.

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