JK Rowling on Fantastic beasts and where to find them cast

The cast of Fantastic beasts and where you find them has been revealed teasingly by the author JK Rowling.But she has cleverly kept us guessing on who will play Michael Gambon's successor in the role of the inspirational wizard.

So thanks to her ,we all have to wait for who plays Albus Dumbledore in the new Harry Potter sequel.
Director David Yates previously confirmed that a young Albus will be making an appearance
in the upcoming movie, and J K has picked the man to follow Michael Gambon's iconic performance.
"I have, of course, thought about this. I do have a name. I do have someone in mind, but I can't say it," she told E! News.
"Because if that person doesn't get cast, then the person who does get cast will blame me forever for having said it, won't they? So, I'm going to just keep quiet.
Fans are eagerly awaiting the movie and there have been enquiries about if it exists on books or if fantastic beasts will be eventually turned into a book.
One more thing that has very much been in demand is the trailer of fantastic.
Another movie on the must watch list of fans is Hacksaw Ridge.It's the true story of Pfc. Desmond T. Doss (Andrew Garfield), who won the Congressional Medal of Honor despite refusing to bear arms during WWII on religious grounds.I definitely need to see that.

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