Why Trump inspired people to wearing safety pins on their shirts

Have you noticed the trend of people wearing safety pins on their shirts?You might have seen it on the streets or on social media.Basically people are saying you are safe with me.The pins are not a fashion statement.Far from it.They symbolieze solidarity and they are basically saying,anyone threatened by sexism,racism,violence,religion,their nationality status or anything of such that leaves you in a threatened minority.
The movement and idea started with a series of tweets after the Brexit vote in June,
and took off in the U.S. after Donald Trump was elected president on Tuesday.

So in essence,wearing a safety pin is a sign that you are a safe haven for those who don't feel safe post election,it also a form of you saying i will provide safety for you.
Very touching and moving gesture i would say.So what are you waiting for?Get a pin on that tee shirt and join the safety pin movement.

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