Brazil soccer team Chapecoense plane crash kills 75 and 6 survivors

Brazil soccer team Chapecoense plane crash kills 75 and 6 survivors

The terrible news that saw 75 people killed when Brazilian soccer team Chapecoense plane crashed in Medellin has left the world in shock.Only six people onboard survived the tragedy.Among the 6 were 3 players ,Alan Ruschel,goalkeeper Jackson Follman and defender Heilio Neto.One of the saddest ever pictures i saw was that of three team mates who had missed the trip due to injuries and suspension sitting isolated in the dressing room with their heads bowed in despair.How are those boys ever going to be the same?How do you recover from such a tragedy of losing over 20 friends in a day not to talk of other team officials who all worked at
the club?

A further 21 journalists who had been accompanying the players to what was their biggest match in the club's history also lost their lives.Brazil really has been plagued with tragedy and sadness.How many families must there be in that land mourning right now?

Several players of top teams all over the world such as Barcelona,Real Madrid and Chelsea football clubs have expressed their sorrow and sympathy towards the families of the dead footballers.Stars such as Wayne Rooney,David De Gea who said he shared locker rooms with one of the players and David Luiz have shared tweets expressing their condolences.

The team's rise had been the fairy tale story of Brazil football,only a few years ago,2009 to be exact,saw them playing in the fourth division.The team that was formed only in 1973 then made a remarkable rise to the top division and only just missed out on the South American version of the champions league,Copa Libertadores,but the fairy take did not end because they did qualify for the version of the Europa league,the Copa Sudamericana.They were to play the first leg on Wednesday.

The Brazilian Football Confederation has announced a seven-day mourning period, during which all matches have been postponed, while the Brazilian government have declared a nationwide three days of mourning.

The greatest football player of his generation Pele called the it a tragic loss and prayed for the dead soccer players to rest in peace.

Neymar decided to use the trending hashtag #ForcaChape, to express his feelings.

Diego Maradona wrote:

  • This is a very, very sad day for football. At this difficult time our thoughts are with the victims, their families and friends. FIFA would like to extend its most heartfelt condolences to the fans of Chapecoense, the football community and media organisations concerned in Brazil.
Cristiano Ronaldo:
  • It is impossible to believe this tragedy, impossible to believe it happened, impossible to believe that the plane crashed, impossible to believe that athletes, humans were on that plane, impossible to believe that these people left their families.

This is not the first time the world has been hit with football tragedies.Manchester United,the most famous club in the world were in the Munich crash tragedy after playing an European match and on their way home.23 people died in that crash.

In Africa,the Zambia national team perished in the Gabon sea in 1993.

The reason for the Chapecoense plane crash is not known yet and investigations are still going on.Reports says the weather was bad and stormy at the time of the incident.The bad weather also played a part in that it prevented rescuers from getting to the accident scene.There are also unconfirmed reports that electrical fault or lack of fuel might have bee the cause.It would be very sad if it is learnt that any of this reasons was the cause.Because it would mean the deaths could have been totally avoidable.

RIP to the dead.
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