Toke Makinwa book:Maje Ayida is the new Yoruba demon

Toke Makinwa book:Maje Ayida is the new Yoruba demon

Maje Ayida & Toke Makinwa when they were married and together before divorce

The revelations in the new Toke Makinwa book on becoming are incredible.Personally i think she has said way too much and she would regret some of them some day.Maje Ayida and Anita Solomon have been portrayed very badly,well maybe not so much for Anita,but he definitely gets the treatment of a combined Yoruba demon(name used by Nigerians for men who break your heart in the most cynical and painful ways).The only thing missing here is for her to say he abused her physically.Haba kilode?Its too much biko.

But i understand,she is hurting badly right now,you know what they say about a woman scorned?At
first,she was too humiliated to know what to do.The public shame of it all,every Nigerian who patronizes social media knowing about your business.And then after the hurt which has lasted well over a year now after their marriage abruptly came to an end due to his affair with Anita Solomon having a baby for him(the same baby that he would not give Toke even though she longed for it),it is now time for revenge.Now she is looking for ways of humiliating him so badly like he did her and hurt him to the extreme.
Hence the revelations.But what do you derive by announcing to the whole world that your husband or your boyfriend gave you an STD?Or that when you made love he refused to come inside you?I can't understand all this,these are very personal things that should have been kept that way.

I would not even admit to my best friend if i had an STD,not to talk of telling the whole world.

We all know of the insecurity that plagues women when their men are not giving them love and attention.She decided to bleach just because her rival was light skinned and she thought her man prefers this shade.Well if he did,why did he come for you in the first place?
The funny thing is in the past,she had been asked many times about her bleaching and she always kind of denied or never admitted to it.And now you come out and tell the whole world that not only did you bleach,but you did it for a man.Heloooooo?

I remember watching an interview of Maje a few months ago.He was talking about how the break up in his marriage was a very bad one and almost ruined his business cos many brands stopped working with him

Well,if that break up did that,you can bet your last jerry can of petrol that this will definitely destroy his career in Nigeria.I don't see many corporate companies wanting to get involved with him now after this.Especially if they have women on their board.This may also have an effect o Toke as well,cos like i said ,there were some things she should have kept private.
All that stuff about he wanted them to make a sex tape which she made because in her own words she wanted to please her man and the bit where she reveals how he had cancelled their wedding three separate times.

There was even the part where she said she met his mother and she prayed for her telling her that God will give her her own husband.Now if she had not been blind and stupid in love,what more does she need to be told to realise that this man does not love her?
He probably told his mother he was not going to marry her and that he does not love her.The guy must have really been dynomite in bed,cos i don't understand why she stuck this through.12 years they had been together on and off and she sadly did not learn her lesson.

She should be seriously praying that he does not choose to tell his own side of the story cos that will be serious wahala.The man might decide i have been destroyed but we are both going down and tell his own tale too.And he might tell some lies just to make his own story sweeter.The thing then becomes,who is lying and who is telling the truth?But by then it will be too late to save either of the drowning couple cos they will be so deep in mudslide,you won't know who is who or who your friend be,like Fela Kuti said in Roforofo fight.
 It's a pity that there was no one to guide her and caution her with some of her revelations,very sad.

by Wale Morads.
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